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Top 5 Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Swimming is an excellent activity for kids and families to do in the summer. If you take up swimming as a regular activity, then there are chances of damaging your hair due to excessive chlorine present in the pool. ‘The presence of chlorine and bromine can react with the naturally present hair oil, causing roughness and dryness. Here's a look at top five ways to prevent
hair damage due to swimming.

Hair Care Tip for Swimmers # 1:
Cover your hair with a swimming cap

Before jumping into the pool, make sure to wear a swimming cap. This is one of the basic steps to prevent hair damage from pool water. Opt for latex or silicone caps, as they fit really well and are thicker and softer for your hair.

Hair Care Tip for Swimmers # 2: Wet your hair

Gently wet your hair with some water and leave-in conditioner. This practice, will save your hair
from excessive damage, as the conditioner acts as protective barrier.

 Hair Care Tip for Swimmers # 3: Wash hair thoroughly

Once you are done taking laps in the pool, rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water and
a good shampoo, this helps to minimize the chlorine damage. 

Hair Care Tip for Swimmers # 4: Comb your hair carefully

In order to avoid hair breakage, brush your hair carefully with a large-toothed comb. If you
come across a knot, gently untangle it to avoid damage.

Hair Care Tip for Swimmers # 5: Moisturize your hair

After shampooing your hair, condition your hair with a good moisturizing cream or some oil. A good moisturizer will treat your damaged hair carefully. An at-home remedy would be to prepare a mask
by smashing some banana and apply it to your hair.