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Lice 911

The Facts of Lice
What do head lice look like?  Do head lice jump?  Read on for these answers and tips on prevention and more head lice information.

What do I need to know about head lice?

What do head lice look like?

Do head lice jump?

NO, they do not jump or fly. They are usually transmitted by direct head-to-head contact with an
infested person or their belongings.

Some tips on preventing head lice

Lice Detection

Identifying Nits

Don’t panic! You do not want your child to feel embarrassed or stressed out. There are a few schools of thought on head lice removal. Some believe in chemical removal, others believe in manual removal or smothering. Call your pediatrician; they may provide a lice removal service or may be able to refer to you a service in your town.